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The Airline Industry

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Is the demand for Airline Pilots really as strong as they claim?

​Boeing says “Demand Unprecedented for Pilots and Technicians”

“As global economies expand and airlines take delivery of tens of thousands of new commercial jetliners over the next 20 years, there will be unprecedented demand for people to pilot and maintain these airplanes. To meet this tremendous growth, the 2015 Boeing Pilot and Technical Outlook forecasts that between now and 2034, the aviation industry will need to supply more than one million new aviation personnel—558,000 commercial airline pilots and 609,000 maintenance technicians.” – According to Boeing’s Current Market Outlook

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The demand is an international phenomenon!

British Airways announced yesterday it would recruit nearly 2,000 pilots and cabin crew in 2016, its largest ever intake in a single year.
The move will take the number of its flying crew to over 20,000 for the first time in the history of the company, which is nearly 100 years old.

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Increased Pay with Increased Demand.

“After pilots at American, the largest U.S. carrier, agreed to a long-term deal with hefty raises a year ago, some 34,000 pilots at the three next-biggest carriers moved to collect a larger part of now-record profits flowing into U.S. airline coffers. That strategy, based on pattern bargaining that unions have used for decades across many industries, is now taking shape.”

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5 Reasons Pilots Are More In Demand than Ever

“After a drought of pilot job openings in the last decade, the airline industry is on the verge of what could be the biggest surge of pilot hiring in history. Below are the top five reasons why pilots are suddenly in high demand.”

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The New York Times

Plenty of Passengers, but Where Are the Pilots?

“DELAYS or cancellations because of bad weather or mechanical problems are exasperating but common occurrences in air travel, but increasingly, passengers aren’t making it to their destinations for yet another reason: not enough pilots. The gate agent may not tell you that’s why you’re grounded, but a dearth of qualified pilots is disrupting, reducing and even eliminating flights.”

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