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Meet the Fleet | Axiom’s Aircraft

Skyhawk N736TB, 6KN, and 6PY

Learn to fly in these amazing Cessna 172’s. The 736 family is a well maintained 1978 Cessna 172 XP models. With updated interior and exterior they’re a joy to fly. The planes have an upgraded, fuel injected, Continental Engine taking them from a typical 160 horsepower airplane to an incredible 210 horsepower! They perform like no other C172 you’ve ever flown before! Come cruise the skies on brand new propeller and prop-governor systems for maximum efficiency. The sophisticated GPS will also make sure you never lose your way, so no need to rush home, stay in the sky a little longer.

Arrow N3206R

The newest addition to the Axiom Aviation fleet. The Piper Arrow (N3206R) from North Carolina offers a cost effective method of achieving commercial licenses and certified flight instructor ratings. The flaps, retractable landing gear, and controllable pitch propeller combine to create a “complex” aircraft.  Not only is the aircraft “complex” to allow for more advanced pilot ratings but it also comes equipped with the Garmin 430 and Garmin 496 GPS units that are seen in all of Axiom Aviation’s airplanes.

Come see how clean this airplane really is!

Twin Comanche N7915Y

With the new addition, Axiom Aviation is now able to provide additional mutli-engine certificates for all ratings ranging from Private Pilot through Commercial. Come experience the feel of the best multi-engine airplane in the State of Utah! Equipped with a state-of-the-art GPS and manual waste-gate turbos. There’s nothing like it. Compare our pricing to others as well! This plane will run $360/hr wet for instruction and $320/hr wet for rental. You won’t find a plane like this at that price anywhere.

Bonanza N5588Q

At Axiom Aviation we fly power. Bonanza N5588Q has over 300 horsepower engine and a state-of-the-art interior. The airplane is also complex with retractable landing gear and a controllable pitch propeller meaning that we have been able to broaden our training spectrum to Commercial Pilots and Certified Flight Instructors.Come see how clean this airplane really is!


– Engine rated over 300 horsepower

– Complex Airplane

​     – Retractable Landing Gear

     – Controllable Pitch Propeller

– State-of-the-art, touch screen Garmin 750 GPS

– 6 Seater! With sheepskin seats

– In-flight weather radar

– Anti-ice system

– Oxygen system

Come experience a real airplane!​​

Current METAR

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