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Learn to Fly

Accelerated Programs

Achieve your dreams NOW! Don’t wait! Become a private pilot in as little as 26 days with our accelerated private pilot program. Our program allows you to skip the hassle of having to find and purchase materials on your own. We send the perfect private pilot supplies and study materials right to your door. Also, don’t be tricked with the hidden fees and unplanned expenses at other flight schools. At Axiom Aviation we are all inclusive! Call us today and start achieving your dreams.

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Flight Instruction

Top quality flight instruction for those interested in getting a private pilot license or adding an instrument rating to their existing licenses. Come learn to fly with the tips and tricks from an experienced airline pilot.​

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Ground Instruction

We provide ground instruction for any rating you are seeking. Whether it be a private pilot license, an advanced commercial pilot or even prepping to nail that airline interview and get your dream job. Our classes are taught by an airline pilot, one who has been there before and knows the tips and tricks to better understanding the complicated world of aviation. Prices vary by course but all are welcome to attend, even if you are not yet a student of Axiom Aviation!​​

  • Complete Certificate Courses (costs vary by course)
  • Advanced Airline Courses and Interview Prep $150
  • ​Hourly Ground Instruction $35/hr
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Aircraft Rental

Already have a private pilot license and looking to impress your friends and family? Contact us about renting one of the nicest, safest planes in northern Utah. Our wet rates are competitive and the views are unbeatable.

  • Wet Rate (fuel included) $140/hr
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