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Accelerated Weekend Webinars

Work on your Private Pilot License at home in your underwear! By attending Axiom Aviation’s Webinar Ground Schools you can learn all of the essential book knowledge to make you a safe and proficient pilot without ever having to leave the comfort of your own home. Our professional ground school covers all sections of the Private Pilot PTS (Practical Test Standards). These Practical Test Standards dictate the questions that you will be asked on the FAA checkride exam you take to get your license.

After completing our 2 day course you will be fully prepared to pass your Private Pilot Written Examination and the Oral portion of your Checkride Examination!

Learn the tips and tricks from experienced flight instructors that have helped hundreds of students achieve their licenses! Some are even Airline Transport Pilots!

Don’t waste your money with the online videos that cover material too quick and too vague, and that you can’t ask your personalized questions to! With our webinar ground schools you get a highly personalized learning experience where we go at your pace and we leave plenty of time to get all of your questions answered. Recorded online videos typically cost $200, the Webinar’s with Axiom Aviation are the same price at$199.99! For the same cost wouldn’t you rather have a personalized learning experience with an actual instructor and not a “recorded one”?

Classes are held the second weekend (Friday and Saturday) of every month. All class participants will also be provided with Axiom Aviation’s Powerpoint slides that they can keep for future reference and study.

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Instrument Raiting

You asked and we listened! We are excited to announce our new instrument rating webinars. Now you can professionally prepare yourself to pass your Instrument written test and Instrument checkride.

Our new webinars are run the same way as our popular private pilot webinars and at the same price! The only difference is when they will run. We will be running our 2 day accelerated instrument courses on the 3rd Friday and Saturday of each month. 

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