The Axiom Difference.

After your first experience with Axiom Aviation you will quickly realize that you are not dealing with your typical, run-of-the-mill flight school. Whether you notice it first from the genuine caring of our flight instructors, from the way we upkeep our aircraft and flight simulator to the highest safety standards, the professionalism of both our instructors and students, or the way we have modernized our flight training syllabus we promise you will notice and appreciate the difference.

Let’s break down the Axiom Difference into separate categories:

Our Culture

At Axiom Aviation we have worked hard to create the most inviting and helpful culture that any flight school can offer. We want to create long lasting relationships with our students and join them in all of their successes.

We know that each student learns differently and that each student learns at a different pace. That is why we have built our school with our students as the focus! Many other flight training institutions expect you to conform to their way of teaching and to their timelines. Not at Axiom Aviation. We create custom learning content and custom schedules for each of our students. That way they can really learn the art of aviation and not just memorize a bunch of useless facts.

The Flight Instructors

One of the very first differences you will notice about Axiom Aviation is how differently our flight instructors behave from those of other flight schools. We pride ourselves on providing flight instructors that are helpful, humble, and honest. Because of this difference in professionalism you will notice that it is much easier to learn aviation concepts with Axiom Aviation because the environment is not threatening or intimidating.

Also, the flight instructors at Axiom Aviation have real life experience and love flight instructing! You will not see flight instructors that are just looking to finish up their hours and run off to the airlines. You get teachers that are already airline pilots, corporate jet flying, and teachers that have taught aviation at different flight schools all over the country. Our flight instructors are here because they love teaching and they have more combined knowledge than any other set of flight instructors in all of Utah.

The Airplanes

Simply put, we don’t skimp on our airplanes. Whether it is maintenance or putting in new avionics to modernize our aircraft we never cut corners.

All of the aircraft at Axiom Aviation are equipped with state-of-the-art Garmin GPS units. Some are even touchscreen! All of our airplanes are also considered “High Performance”, meaning that all of the engines have been upgraded to provide over 200 horsepower! Aircraft like this are not common among flight instruction. This means that the plane is able to perform better and is safer during all seasons of the year. Because all of our aircraft are equipped with high-powered engines you will be able to receive a “High Performance Endorsement” from us at no additional cost to your flight training. The High Performance Endorsement allows a pilot to fly airplanes with engines rated over 200 horsepower.

Not only do we provide modern, powerful airplanes for our students but we also maintain those aircraft to perfection. We spare no expense in maintaining the safest and most efficient aircraft. Even down to the smallest details.

Our head mechanics, Cliff Gottschalk and the professionals at Ultimate Aviation have been working on airplanes for over 30 years. We have never met anyone with more experience than and attention to detail and this is why we chose to do business with him. Throughout their careers they have worked on all types of airplanes from corporate jets to Cessnas to restoring military aircraft. There isn’t anything they can’t fix to the highest standards!

How We Innovate

At Axiom Aviation we are always looking for ways to innovate and to constantly provide improved service to our students. We understand that the aviation industry is an ever-changing industry and we want to be at the forefront of the positive changes.

Listed below are ways that we have modernized our flight training system:

– Purchasing an FAA approved flight simulator to save our students thousands of dollars on their training and to help them be safer, more proficient pilots.

– Creating online webinar pilot classes! We don’t just send you a recorded video and hope you understand those massive amounts of information, we are with you every step of the way. So, you can ask us questions online and the classes are always taught by a real live instructor.

– All of our schools materials are available in paper format or in digital format. That way you can study whichever way you learn best!

– All of our aircraft are equipped with modern, state-of-the-art GPS systems that are used in airline and corporate flying. This is a benefit because when you reach your flying dream job you will already know how to operate the intensive avionics systems.

– Classes are run by airline pilots, corporate jet pilots, and flight instruction professionals from all over the country. This is a HUGE bonus to all who train with us because we have been there and done it all before. We can answer all of your questions from the most basic to the most difficult and we can teach you the tips and tricks we have learned over our thousands of hours of flight time. At Axiom we have not only flown across the whole entire country but we have done it in high performance, passenger carrying, jet aircraft. Who better to learn from than the actual professionals?

– We provide powerful financing options. Where others will turn you away… Axiom is there to help! With interest rates as low as 0% and monthly payments as low as $100 we can guarantee that you won’t find better financing options anywhere than you will here.

In Conclusion

We are excited for you to experience the Axiom Difference. We are like no other flight training institution. You will enjoy our personal touch, attention to detail, professionalism, and extremely high safety standards. Don’t just endure flight school, ENJOY FLIGHT SCHOOL and learn the tips and tricks from experienced professionals.

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