The Instrument Know-All.

-by Kelly Cross

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I’ve often heard it said from seasoned pilots and young aviators alike, “the instrument checkride is one of the harder checkrides that you will experience in your aviation career.” Granted – yes, there is an amount of skill and reflex required to maneuver the aircraft down to minimums in a 10 knot crosswind on the ILS under the hood but there is also an incredible amount of head knowledge that you can, and without excuse, be sharp on.

For any of you looking to take on the challenge of an instrument rating, I highly recommend Axiom Aviation. Now, that statement may seem somewhat whimsical as it is found on the Axiom Aviation website but I can tell you from my own personal experience, flow and result of my checkride that these guys have a stellar program in place. If you just do what they tell you, you will pass and be a much more knowledgable pilot because of it.

I had the typical “pre-checkirde jitters” that anyone would have but after about 10 minutes into my oral, I started to feel more and more confident in the material that I had studied with my CF-II. As a result of my studies, notes taken, and experience with Axiom Aviation, I have put together an “Instrument Know-All” handout to help you pass your checkride. This is not an all inclusive handout by any means and wasn’t made entirely for helping pass checkrides; this document can also be used in the future after you pass your checkride as a good way to keep fresh on all that IFR knowledge.

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